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8 Great Easter Recipes

I will never outgrow the excitement of an overstuffed basket of chocolate bunnies and candy eggs greeting me on Easter morning… Though of course what makes this, and every, holiday truly special is gathering with family and friends in celebration. Each spring l look forward to sharing a feast of delectable dishes in good company. My Easter brunch buffet is peppered with nostalgic foods, updated to bring flavor and excitement ...

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Chilaquiles in blue Zest Kitchen + Home fry pan
Recipe Round-up

Spring Chicken: Easy Recipes for Everyone’s Favorite Protein

I know I’m not alone in my feelings towards chicken breasts. While they may be a crowd pleaser in my family, as in many families, ...
Close up of lemons on a tree

The Taste of Spring: Lemons

I’m quite envious of my sister. In the front yard of her sunny California home is a prolifically fruiting lemon tree – so abundant that ...
Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash in bowl with fried egg
Recipe Round-up

Brunch Recipes Worth Waking Up For

Brunch has no rules. Healthy, decadent, sweet or savory, a mid-morning feast is beloved for being whatever you want it to be. Personally, I like ...

Around The Home

Bed with white sheets and two pillows stacked one upon the other

The Best Way to Clean Your Pillows

Not long ago, my son’s eardrum ruptured while he was asleep. I’ll save you the gory details, but after we got home from the emergency ...
Woman filling black water bottle from kitchen sink with produce in foreground

Squeaky Clean: Keeping Your Reusable Water Bottles in Top Shape

Reusable water bottles are one of those things that I find myself staring at sometimes and wondering, “How often do they really need a wash?” ...
Cute dog sticking its head out of a cardboard box

Moving? 10 Things to Toss Before You Pack

Moving to a new home can be exciting, but no matter how you unpack it, it’s also an exhausting affair. Do yourself a big favor ...

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Apothecary bottles with essential oils on a tan counter with gold lacy ribbon draped alongside

Sleep Spray – The What, Why & How

On the nightstand next to the bed in our hotel room stood a sleek little bottle. A treat to their guests. It was sleep spray- ...
Woman napping on arm

Science Says, Short Naps are the Best Naps

Has this happened to you? You’ve awakened from a nap and felt more tired than you did before nodding off. This is why I’ve shunned ...
Woman lying in bed under covers with wide eyes

Should you Snack Before Bed? According to Dieticians Probably Not, but Maybe.

If you snack at night, you are not alone. A recent survey by the International Food Information Council showed that a significant majority of U.S. ...

Recipes We're Loving

Chocolate Crusted Key Lime Bars
When in doubt, add chocolate – it’s the flavor you didn’t know your limes were missing. With a crunchy cookie base, these puckery lime bars ...
Asparagus & Gruyere Tart
Spring cooking doesn’t get more simple than this gorgeous asparagus tart. Store-bought puff pastry means putting this together is a cinch- and fresh, in season ...
Extra Saucy Braised Salmon & Swiss Chard with Couscous
A Yotem Ottolenghi recipe of similar ingredients, which our family adores, inspired this dish. The secret is in the sauce – a tomato paste and ...
Apricot Mimosa cocktail
Apricot Mimosa
Mimosa’s are fun, festive and require minimal effort, making for excellent party cocktails. But why not deviate from the norm? Since any sort of juice ...
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The Perfect Summer Fruit Salad For your Energy
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Grilled Marinated Carrots, Strained Yoghurt and Curry Leaves
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Blood Orange Margarita Wth a Little Extra Something
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The Ultimate Steak & Fries Recipe You'll Need

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