Two girls and a boy around a table with candy canes, mugs and marshmallows
3 Totally Fun DIY Games to Play with Your Fam this Holiday Season 

Party at your house! Everyone is going to have a blast when they gather together around the table for these three DIY winter-themed games. Perfect for all ages – they’re challenging enough for the older “kids” (this means you), yet simple enough for any littles in your life. Easy to set up, and easy to clean up – most game props you likely already have on hand. You’ll love laughing out loud with your friends and relatives this holiday season.

Candy Cane Fishing

Chances are you’ve got some candy canes lying around! This fun game requires ten candy canes, plus one for each player. Start out by placing the ten candy canes in a pile on a table. On each player’s turn, they place their own candy cane in their mouth, with the curved side out. Without using hands, the player uses that candy cane to hook another candy cane from the pile and transfer into a bowl. The player with the most canes after 1-minute wins.

Boy with candy cane in his mouth playing the candy cane fishing game

Shoveling Snow

A bag of marshmallows and a few plastic spoons, and you’re all set for this fun game. Empty a bag of large marshmallows into a bowl and place on a table. Place an empty bowl next to it and pass out a spoon to each player. On the player’s turn, they place the handle of the spoon in their mouth and must transfer marshmallows to the empty bowl without using their hands. Players get points for the number of marshmallows they can transfer in 1 minute. Just try not to lose points by eating the “snow”.

Girl with a spoon in her mouth playing shoveling snow game

Hot Chocolate Pong

Who doesn’t love a good marshmallow toss game? No worries about making a splash here – mugs are filled with brown paper to mimic hot chocolate without the mess. Start by placing ten mugs at the end of a table in the form of a triangle, with the single mug closest to the players. Fill the cups to just below the rim with brown tissue paper or crumpled paper. Ten marshmallows go at the player’s end, and one at a time players attempt to toss a marshmallow into each mug until they’ve thrown all 10 marshmallows. Players score a point for each landed marshmallow.

Girl with a marshmallow in her hand demonstrating the hot chocolate pong game
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