8 Rainy Day Activities for the Whole Gang

Being stuck inside doesn’t have to be a drag. Salvage the day… heck, even make memories! With a little creativity and imagination, your day at home can be magical.

Have a Bake Off

Baking on a rainy day is a great activity for sure, but for a riotous time stage your own competition! Split up into teams, or single bakers if your group is smaller, and choose your challenge. Everyone should bake the same thing; a gingerbread house, French macarons, a showstopper layered cake, an apple pie, or go classic with chocolate chip cookies – the options are limited only by your imagination. Then decide on a time limit, and how it will be judged. You can take it seriously – think blindfolded tastings – or go casual, tasting each other’s creations, and arguing over full mouths whose bake takes the cake. The best part is, everyone’s a winner when you get to indulge in a delicious dessert.

Create a Reading Nook

Enjoy a read-a-thon, getting comfy cozy in your own homemade reading nook. Pick an area of the house where you can throw lots of pillows, blankets, and maybe even have the kids make a little tent out of sheets! Then put on your sweats, a pair of slippers, grab a mug of hot chocolate and settle down with that novel you’ve been meaning to read for months.

Make a Scavenger Hunt

There are several ways to do at-home scavenger hunts, depending on how much work you want to do up front. Elaborate riddles can lead a team from one expertly hidden clue to the next, or you can clues can be written directing participants to collect objects from around the house. My favorite type of scavenger hunt requires no advanced planning and is so easy. The goal is to find something in the house that begins with the letter A, B, C and so on. The first person, or team, to collect (or take a photo of) the entire alphabet wins.

Put on a Play

If you’re feeling extra motivated, try writing your own skit! Otherwise, short scripts can be found online – I suggest a comedy for the most laughs. Assign characters, find costumes, and put on a show!

“Travel” to Another Country

This family-fun activity is also educational and tasty! Pick a place you’ve always wanted to go, or one that evokes fond memories and want to revisit. Let’s say that’s France. Assign each person a research project related to the country that they will present over dinner. One person takes notes on French food, another history, someone else chooses climate and landscape, and someone else culture or fashion. Then, research traditional French dishes, and have the whole family take part in preparing the meal. It can be simple, with baguettes and a French cheese tasting, or elaborate with quiche Lorraine and chocolate soufflé! Over dinner, everyone can talk about what they discovered. You’ll feel whisked away without having to travel anywhere.

Have a Spa Day

We could all use a day of relaxation, and there’s no reason you have to head to a fancy day spa to make it happen. Grab your robe and slippers, put on some relaxing music, and light a few candles. After soaking in an aromatic bath, make yourself a cup of tea and put on a mud mask. Meditate, read, have girl talk; do whatever you need to do to unwind and rejuvenate.

Screen Your Own Film Festival

Choose a film genre; it could be old westerns, classic holiday films, or rom-coms, and make a big bucket of popcorn. Kids can get involved by making tickets to the films and dressing up for the big premier.

Take a Yoga Class, At Home

You don’t need to travel to a studio to get the benefits of a yoga class. Find a space that will fit your yogis, moving furniture if needed. Then, set up a laptop or tablet where everyone can see it. The internet is full of free yoga classes, and there are lots of options geared toward kids. If that’s not possible, you can listen to a class on your phone. If you don’t have mats, use towels or bath mats in a pinch.

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