Summer's Best Potluck Dish: Three Bean Salad

A soul, a story and a purpose.

Zest Kitchen + Home™ was created so that we may live happier; live life with zest. Weaved through our carefully curated product line, infused within our content, our delicious recipes, and through everything we do, is a common thread. We are here to help you celebrate living every day.

In The Home

The Zest K+H™ homegoods and kitchenware manifest in a classic meets modern aesthetic – timeless style, with a pop of freshness to nourish your soul. Each piece is designed to delight and crafted to last, providing unparalleled value. We’re here to help you create better spaces.

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In The Kitchen

Our culinary team is spearheaded by the acclaimed author, recipe developer and home cooking authority, Alexis Beall Taylor. Her guiding principles of using fresh, whole ingredients in approachable, yet innovative ways, shape each dish developed by our Test Kitchen. Our chef tips and easy to follow instructions, guide even the most novice home cook to acquire confidence and achieve success.

We Believe


Life should be celebrated every day.


Your surroundings should lift your soul.


Your food should make you smile.


Quality is non-negotiable. Value is a right.


Family and friends are the foundation of life.


Inspiration can be found all around us.

Topics We Cover




You’ll find an abundance of information addressing all things relevant to home and living on, and across our platforms. Topics like decorating, style, organization, cleaning, health, wellness, and nutrition are presented in a succinct, relevant and engaging manner, so you can get the information you need to support your busy lifestyle.

Founder's Note

Without a doubt, the kitchen is the heart of the home. When I first began my food writing career, I shared stories about family, life, cooking – and of course developed and shared recipes. Food was my first love, but over the years I found a crucial element to be missing. I recognized that the “heart”, however important, is attached to the rest of the body. As a working mom I know that other spaces require just as much attention as the kitchen. I couldn’t keep up with my busy schedule without a focus on organization, and reliable tactics to care for myself and my family’s health and wellbeing. I created Zest K+H™ to embrace the whole home – to provide resources and products so that we may all live life to the fullest – and to support our experiences both within and outside the place that we love.

I couldn’t do this alone, and am grateful for my team of amazing and talented collaborators. By my side is my husband and partner, Justin Taylor, who wears so many hats, it’s hard to define them all. Our content team, photographers, editors, product team, merchants, operators and our host of contributors play essential roles in guiding our mission and delivering on our promise.

In partnership with the Bealls™ family of stores, together we have created a unique lifestyle brand, providing daily inspiration and a carefully curated product line to help you live your best life.

I look forward to having you on our journey.

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