Slow Cooker Gingerbread Oatmeal in bowl being held with both hands with a spoon and nuts resting on top
Christmas Morning Breakfast Made Easy

We all have our own holiday traditions, ones that may be unique to our family and that we hold dear. Likely universal, though, for all those that open gifts on Christmas morning, is that the littles are ready to knock down the door at the crack of dawn to get to the tree.

Our Christmas morning always begins with an easy breakfast as we convene at the table to open stocking stuffers. After we’ve had a nibble and brewed something hot to drink, we move onto the living room with steaming mugs in hand.

For most of us, we don’t want to linger in the kitchen over an elaborate meal, much less make one that morning. That’s why I adore these do ahead breakfast treats – They make your morning special, as it should be, but relaxed at the same time:

A Bubbling Fruit Crisp with Creamy Greek Yogurt

Assemble the crisp the night before, cover and pop in the fridge overnight. In the morning simply bake as instructed, serving with the yogurt, which can also be mixed up ahead of time.

Strawberry Crisp with Honey Vanilla Yogurt

This is one of those dishes that straddles between brunch fare and dessert course. Served with a honey sweetened Greek yogurt as called for in the recipe, one can argue its feet are firmly in the breakfast realm. But, if you'd like to go the other way, serve it with vanilla ice cream and enjoy as an after-dinner treat.
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Cake for Breakfast

Who doesn’t love cake for breakfast? This one is chock full of apples, with a pumpkin-y crumb and loads of cinnamon spice.

Pumpkin Apple Snacking Cake

Don’t think of this as a mash up of two desserts, it is a rich and moist pumpkin cake, studded with a layer of caramelized apples that stands all on its own. Sweet enough to be served for dessert, it can also take center stage as a breakfast cake, or be enjoyed with a cup of tea in the afternoon for a little pick me up.
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Overnight Oats – Think Hot and Festive

For a healthy, yet completely delicious holiday morning breakfast, make a gingerbread flavored oatmeal in the slow cooker overnight, Top with a hefty pour of pure maple syrup and lots of chopped nuts in the morning. A little sliced fresh pear is also a nice garnish.

Slow Cooker Gingerbread Oatmeal

Of course, you could make this oatmeal on your stovetop morning of, but there's something special about awaking to overnight oats ready to go, having dumped everything into a crock pot the night before. I find a warm bowlful of gingerbread spiced oatmeal to be just the thing around the holidays, when family and friends descend. If you are a ginger lover, I suggest adding a bit of freshly grated to your slow cooker as well, with all other ingredients before cooking, to bump up the flavor.
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Savory Bread Pudding Studded with Asparagus and Herbs

Beautiful with spring herbs, though feel free to change up if you’d like something a little more wintery – rosemary, sage and parsley would be a lovely substitution. A strata is a wonderful do-ahead breakfast treat. It’s cozy, comforting, and can feed a crowd.

Asparagus & Spring Herb Stata

A strata, quite simply, is a savory bread pudding. They make for excellent brunch fare, or light spring dinners served with a crisp green salad. For such a beautiful dish, it's quite simple to assemble and bake. The key to the flavor lies in the mix of fresh herbs. Together with the asapragus, goats cheese and eggs, these ingredients come together in an ode to spring flavors.
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Healthy Banana Oat Cookies

These breakfast cookies are actually a healthy start to your day, but feel like a decadent treat. If you prefer a lighter, quicker breakfast so you can get on with the morning, these are your guys.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies

Your search is over for healthy and portable breakfast treat, or mid-morning snack, that tastes great, too. These gluten-free "cookies" are quick to put together and can be made with any add-ins you prefer. I like dates and walnuts, but raisins or dried cranberries could be subbed, and any nut you happen to have on hand.
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Fruit-Filled Goodness

Think of these like a chewy granola bar with a layer of raspberries and raspberry jam. Perfect alongside a mug of hot cocoa.

Raspberry Breakfast Bars

Fruit-filled breakfast bars are an easy and healthy breakfast treat. I like to use succanat, a less refined sugar, but brown sugar will work, as well. The batter can be made the night before and refrigerated in pan, so you can bake them up fresh in the morning.
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Banana Chocolate Walnut Scones

The name says it all. Banana, walnuts, and chocolate chips in a tender, flakey scone. Make the dough the night before and refrigerate to bake off in the morning.

Chunky Monkey Scones

A homemade breakfast treat that will feel like you're out at a café bakery. These scones don't take long to make – I always put them together in the morning – but the dough can be made the night before to pop in the oven as soon as you are ready to bake them. Bananas add flavor and keep them moist. Walnuts bring the crunch, and the chocolate chunks add the fun.
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A Bright, Citrusy Quickbread

A slice of this tangy and sweet breakfast cake with a few berries and perhaps a dollop of yogurt is an easy and elegant breakfast treat.

Grapefruit Breakfast Loaf Cake

A simple quick-bread for grapefruit lovers. Yogurt keeps it tender and moist, and compliments the tartness of the grapefruit. Enjoy with a cup of tea in the morning, or a dollop of whipped cream after dinner.
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