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Fall Skin Care – How to Transition Your Routine for Cooler Temps

In some years the seasons can change so gradually it’s easy to forget to adjust your skin care routine. Even if daily temperatures are still pleasant, humidity will drop during the fall and winter months, and your skin will notice.

Don’t stress. You needn’t invest in a whole new slew of products. Making an update or two, with a few tweaks to your daily routine, will keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated throughout the cooler season. Here are tips to manage the transition:

Exfoliate Less

During warmer months, your skin will produce more oil, and exfoliating is likely a good idea. But when things cool down and humidity drops, your skin can easily dry out. Exfoliating can irritate dry skin, and probably isn’t necessary to do as frequently.

Switch to a Hydrating Cleanser

Make sure that your facial cleanser isn’t stripping your skin of needed moisture. Switching to a product that boosts hydration will help.

Keep Up with the Sunscreen

Just because temperatures have cooled doesn’t mean you can skip the sunscreen. Keep your skin protected year round, which will also keep it looking healthy and younger.

Switch from Light Moisturizer to Thicker Cream Moisturizer

The theme is hydration, and your light summer moisturizer probably won’t do the trick. Look for a thick, creamy product that will give your skin the additional hydration it needs.

Stay Hydrated

If your body isn’t properly hydrated, your skin won’t be either. Even though the temperature has cooled off and you may not feel as thirsty, keep drinking plenty of water.

Don’t Forget the Rest of Your Body

Your face isn’t the only part of your body that gets dried out with the changing seasons. Get yourself a good, all-over body moisturizer and use it regularly.

Keep Lips Moisturized, Too

Lips are the first place I notice drying out when my skin gets dehydrated. I have one lip balm for daytime with SPF, and one at night that helps moisturize.

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