Get Your Home Guest Ready with These Thoughtful Hosting Tips

Set yourself and your guest up for a fantastic visit by planning ahead. A few considerate acts make all the difference in expressing your hospitality and help you provide the most comfortable space. Your friends and loved ones will be touched by your thoughtfulness, and will know that you have been looking forward to enjoying each other’s company.

These tips will ensure you’ve got your bases covered:

Your Guest’s Personal Space

Where will they be sleeping? If you have a guest room, do a quick clean, and check closets and dressers. Many people (guilty myself) use their guest room for overflow storage. Get this space guest ready by removing stored clothes and personal items.

No guest room? Tidy up wherever they’ll be spending the night, and carve out space for their belongings. Empty a drawer and find them a space for hanging garments. Make it as inviting as possible, as we all know it is uncomfortable to live out of a suitcase.

Double-check that their bed has clean sheets and comfy pillows. Even if they’ll be spending the night on a blowup mattress – or maybe even more importantly if they are – add cozy touches like throw pillows and an extra blanket. 

Provide towels, and have basic toiletries like soap, shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom they’ll be using. Also, make sure they have a hook or space on a rack to hang their towel after use.

Guest bedroom with steely blue walls, and tan, yellow and blue accents

Tidy Up

In addition to focusing on your guest space, which should be cleaned before they arrive, do a good clean up of public spaces in the house. Vacuum, dust, take the trash out, tidy bathrooms; these should all be checked off the list and will create an inviting environment for your house guest.

Coming and Going

How should they plan on getting into the house if you aren’t home? Hide-a-key? Garage code? Confirm this with them before they arrive.

Do they have a car? Where is the best place to park? Shuffling cars in the morning when you’re on your way to work is never fun. Have a plan to make it easier.

Stock the pantry

Before your guest arrives, ask if there’s anything in particular they’d like to have on hand for breakfast, and if they have any dietary restrictions. Ensure there are appropriate snacks and drinks available during their stay.

An overflowing basket of artisan hard pretzels flecked with salt

Any house quirks?

Every house has them. If you’d like something to be done in a certain way, for instance using a certain cycle on the laundry machine, be sure to communicate it upfront. Share the location where recycling is stored, where any non-obvious light switches are, and any other quirks of the house.

Make sure there’s a place for their things in the common space

What will the weather be like? Will your guests be coming in with winter coats, boots, umbrellas, or anything else you’d prefer be taken off at the door? Point out where their outerwear should go and make sure there’s ample space for their gear.

Check in with your guest after a day or two

Did you miss anything? Check in with your guests and ask if there’s anything which will make their stay more comfortable. 

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