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Hitting the Road? Luggage Organizers Keep you Sane

I love parenting; I am constantly reminded that knowledge is a two way street. For as much guidance that I try to impart upon my kids, it is such a blessing to have the opportunity to learn something new from them. While packing for a recent vacation, my younger daughter asked if we could purchase luggage organizers for the trip.

I have been packing for a long time, and I had never ever contemplated the use of luggage organizers. Looking back, as someone who thrives on neatness and organization, I can’t fathom how I went so long without these handy tools.

Even if you aren’t someone whose sanity revolves around an alphabetized spice drawer, or a closet organized by color (yes, I do that), these attractive and light-weight zipper bags are a godsend. My daughter, the same one who requested these in the first place, routinely uses her bed as her closet and her floor as a laundry basket, yet she won’t go on a trip without them. 

Readily available online and in stores, they are also known as packing cubes, and come in sets of varying sizes, colors and patterns, making it easy for each member of your family to have their own identifiable set. Learning how to use them is fairly intuitive, but here are a few tips to get you started:

Pack an empty organizer bag for laundry. This will keep dirties separated from your clean clothes while traveling, and simplify the wash once you get home.

Keep certain items out of the bags. Bulky items like shoes or hairdryers probably don’t need their own storage organizer, and jewelry is best in a dedicated jewelry bag.

 Pack like items in the same bag. Some people may want to organize their cubes by outfits, but I find it to be more effective to have socks all in one bag, toiletries in another, undergarments on their own, and so on.

Decide if you’re a roller or a folder. Both methods of packing clothing work; it’s personal preference if you like going neatly stacked, or rolled and visible. 

Some sets come labeled, e.g. laundry, socks, or t-shirts, to help you identify the contents, but my favorite organizers have at least one side with see-through mesh. This allows order, but with more flexibility as to what I put inside. No matter which organizer you determine best for your taste, you’ll wonder how you ever packed without them. 

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