It’s the Little Things – 9 Thoughtful Ways to Show Your Love

Deep down, we all know that it’s the little things that matter most. Show your loved one how much you care with a few small tokens, a sprinkle of thoughtfulness, and some quality time to connect and remember why you love each other so.

The poll we conducted reveals what matters most to couples… Discover their top suggestions for happy relationships.

1. Spontaneous hugs

Scientific studies have shown that when hugged for seven or more seconds, your brain releases oxytocin (a.k.a. the “cuddle hormone”), which reduces one’s stress and enhances mood. My middle daughter has a reputation for spontaneous hugging, so I’ve witnessed firsthand the effect that it can have on friends and family’s moods. Don’t just use hugs to say hello or goodbye, pop them in throughout the day.

2. Give a handmade card

Even if you think your words aren’t as eloquent as the professionals, it will mean more that they come from you! A handmade note shows that you care, and you took the time to create something meaningful.

3. Bake them a treat

Everyone loves homemade goodies, so give it a shot, whether you fancy yourself a baker or not. Stepping out of your comfort zone to deliver a fresh baked treat is a small gesture that will score big.

4. Write a note and leave it somewhere they’ll find it

Who doesn’t love to find a little surprise message of love? Slip a note into their computer bag, leave one on the bathroom mirror – anywhere they are sure to read it and know you are thinking of them.

5. Take a hike

… Or a long walk along the beach. You know what it’s hard to do while you’re walking? Look at your phone. You know what it’s easy to do? Have a conversation. Not only will you get a little fresh air and healthy movement, you get to connect with your loved one without distraction.

6. Do a chore around the house they dislike doing

I find most housework to be very satisfying, but there are somethings that are chores and I’ll never enjoy. One time, my husband ironed all the clothes that had been waiting in the laundry room for weeks to get done, because ironing is the one task I find totally irritating. It was a little thing that meant so much!


7. Be spontaneous

Surprise them by planning something to do together. A dinner out, a movie, a play, a picnic… anything! It feels really special to be on the receiving end of a spontaneous date, one where you have no responsibilities and just get to be along for the ride.

8. Listen

Too often in conversation we are thinking about what we are going to say next, or recalling a story or anecdote that is relatable, and don’t listen well enough to what the other person is saying. Pause and listen. Then, ask a question. Even if it’s, “tell me more.”

9. Cook dinner together

Cooking together is a chance for you to rediscover why you work so well together! It’s a dance in the kitchen – a give and take, a constant conversation that culminates in a beautiful meal that you both worked together to create. And, if it’s a total disaster? Have a big laugh about it! The trick here is not to let any of it stress you out. What’s the worst that will happen? You order take out, do the dishes the following morning, and have a great memory.

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