Lighten Up! Low-Test Cocktails are the Answer to Sunny Daytime Hangouts

You’ve decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and throw a party out by the pool. Digging the casual vibe, light on commitment, a 2pm arrival seems right. You pat yourself on the back, you genius. Chill time with friends, with snacks and drinks your only concern… this will be a real low-maintenance gathering. Sunday’s the day. With the beginning of the work week looming, there shouldn’t be any hanger’s-on overstaying their welcome. A blast with friends. A good night’s sleep. You can’t beat it.

Unless, of course, your guests are sloshed beyond reason! We’ve all been there. Pizzas get ordered, music is blaring, and all the sudden an all-night dance party is in the making. Yes, those well laid plans, right out of the window.

Serving a low ABV beverage could be the answer, keeping things festive without getting out of control (ABV stands for alcohol by volume). These lightened up cocktails are perfect for summer hang outs, and don’t require hard liquor or fussing with blenders. In fact, you can turn to these recipes anytime you are looking for something a little less punchy, as they are easily scaled down to make one or two drinks.

Apricot Mimosa

Strawberry Spritz

Pimm’s Cup Pitcher

Rose Shakerato


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