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Make the Switch – Why Glass Storage Containers are the Best

I’ve had the same food storage containers for nearly 20 years, and they’re in excellent shape. I bet you can guess why. They’re glass. They last forever, and they are wonderful.

I’ve added to my collection over the years, but my original set remains in steady use. Of course, I also have a supply of plastic containers, because there is a time and place for those, as well, but I can’t say that I have the same love or extended relationship with the plastic. They warp, crack, get stained, and to be frank, I don’t feel comfortable storing many foods in plastic, even if it is BPA-free.

If you’re considering going glass, but need a little nudge, read up on my top reasons you should make the switch:

Better Health

According to Harvard Health, chemicals can leach from plastic containers into our food. Experts warn that it is never a good idea to microwave in plastic containers, as heat can cause the chemicals to leach and contaminate the food. But, leaching may also happen if you store acidic or fatty foods in plastic. Chemicals found in plastics, such as phthalates and BPA have been associated with endocrine disrupting disorders, and other health issues. Furthermore, studies conducted by New York University and the University of Texas found that chemicals used in place of BPA, BPF and BPS have been shown to be concerning to health, as well.

Better for the Environment

As I mentioned above, plastic storage containers don’t last forever, and when they get chucked they contribute to our planet’s ever growing waste steam. Glass containers, should you ever find yourself ready to be rid of them, are recyclable, which can’t be said for all plastic options.

More Attractive

I would never serve a dish out of a plastic storage container, but I would serve out of glass. Frequently, I’ll make a dish ahead of time for dinner and pop it in my large glass container. Snap the lid on and into the fridge it goes. Should it need to be reheated, I simply remove the lid, microwave, then take it to the table for serving.

Won’t Stain or Carry Odors

Have you ever stored spaghetti sauce in plastic and noticed how the container turns red? Not a problem with glass. Whereas plastic is porous, and will stain, as well as absorb odors, glass will not and cleans up like a breeze.

Woman standing over the stove with a ladle in her hand scooping tomato sauce from a pot

Can Go Anywhere

You can use glass to store food in the freezer, fridge, or countertop. It can go into the microwave; it can go into the dishwasher. Some varieties are even oven safe, but be sure to check the labeling before trying that out. It must be tempered glass or made of borosilicate, and the packaging will tell you.

They Last a Really Long Time

Glass is a great investment. Unless you accidentally break one, it will last indefinitely. Less turnover means they are a cost-effective purchase.

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