Paint roller with orange paint on an old heavily used wooden ladder with an in progress painted orange wall in background
Make Your Room Look Cleaner Without Lifting a Finger – Tips for Selecting the Right Paint Color

The right paint colors can be your secret weapon in the battle against everyday clutter, where the right shade isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s about creating a space that exudes cleanliness and harmony. Here are our tips from interior decorators and painting gurus that will help transform your rooms into havens of tidiness:

The Magic of Whites and Grays
Imagine a canvas of pure white, a color that reflects light and amplifies space, making any room feel open and airy. Whites like Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace offer a clean, pure shade that works wonders across various design styles. The Paint People call this shade, “a classic go-to white that elicits images of fresh cotton and pure silk.” Grays, on the other hand, bring a modern edge. A soft gray can serve as a subtle backdrop that makes your decor pop while keeping the space looking impeccably clean.

The Serenity of Blues
There’s something about blue that breathes cleanliness into a room. From the palest powder blue to the deepest navy, blue hues evoke a sense of calm and order. They’re perfect for spaces like the laundry room or bathroom, where the vibe of freshness is paramount.

The Vibrancy of Accents
While neutral tones lay the foundation for a tidy appearance, don’t shy away from vibrant accents. A zesty lime or a splash of orange can infuse energy into a space without compromising its neat appearance. These pops of color can be especially effective in smaller, utilitarian spaces like laundry rooms, where they add personality and fun to the chore of washing.

The Elegance of Dark Neutrals
Dark colors might seem counterintuitive when aiming for a clean look, but when used strategically, they can add depth and sophistication. A deep charcoal or a rich navy, paired with bright whites, can create a stunning contrast that keeps the room looking sharp and tidy.

The Harmony of Consistent Trims
The secret to a cohesive and clean look lies in the details. Consistent trim colors, particularly in a pure white, can tie a room together. It’s the finishing touch that frames your walls and gives your space that polished look, making maintenance a breeze and the results spectacular.

What Not to Do – Paint Colors that Make Your Room Look Dirtier

Steer Clear of Earth Tones
While earthy shades can have their charm and provide a sense of grounding, they can cast a gloomy pallor over your rooms. If you’re drawn to these tones, use them as an accent instead.

Beige Beware
It’s a neutral favorite, but beiges can bring a muddy vibe, making spaces seem less than clean.

Skip Light Colors in High Traffic Areas
While whites and light colors can make a big statement amplify space, they’re also challenging to keep clean. For rooms with high traffic choose a color that disguises blemishes and scuffs. Also, very importantly, choose the proper wall finish, one that is easy to wipe down.

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