Gussied Up Hummus

Let’s face it, a bowl of hummus served with carrot sticks may be an easy app, but can be quite dull. Up your hummus game by topping it with an easy tomato and cucumber salad that adds visual interest, contrasting texture, and amazing flavor. I highly advocate making your own hummus, as the taste compared

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One-pot Pizza Beans

Thanks to Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen for the idea to turn white beans into pizza flavored deliciousness. I’ve deviated from her recipe, leaving out the carrots and celery as I didn’t find they added much to the dish, and swapping kale for spinach. I also added a crispy prosciutto garnish, which pulls double duty

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White Lasagne

Think of this as a grown-up mac ‘n cheese. It’s elegant, gorgeous, just what you want for a special evening – all while being utterly comforting and downright delicious. If you’ve never made a béchamel sauce before, the thing to know is that you’ve just got to keep stirring. The bottom will scald, and you’ll

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Lemon Ricotta Cookies on cooling rack over blue sheet tray

Lemon Ricotta Cookies

These cookies are best if you can refrigerate the dough overnight, so try to plan ahead. If you are short on time, the minimum is 2 hours of refrigeration. It is important that the dough is chilled when it goes into the oven. Pop them back in the fridge for 20 minutes after you’ve rolled

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Chewy Amaretti Cookies on white serving platter with red napkin in background

Chewy Amaretti Cookies

These are called Amaretti in Modena, Italy, which is where I first tried them. In true Italian fashion, they are amazing for their simplicity and pure, unadulterated flavor. Just five ingredients and very little effort make a soft and chewy almond cookie that keeps well and tastes incredible.

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