Summer's Best Potluck Dish: Three Bean Salad


Curtido in festive red and blue bowl


Curtido is popular in El Salvador, where it is most often served with pupusas, and is also common in other Latin American countries. It is a simple mixture of shredded cabbage, carrots, onions, garlic and oregano. Seasoned with salt and left to ferment at room temperature for a few days, it transforms into a deliciously […]

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Miso Ramen with Cabbage in white bowl with chopsticks and soft boiled egg split in half sitting atop soup

Miso Ramen with Cabbage

This can be a simple dish of noodles and cabbage in a supremely flavorful broth, or you can add hard boiled eggs, tofu, shredded chicken or other vegetables such as sweet potato to beef up the dish. It is worth seeking out dried shiitake mushrooms, usually found in the Asian products section of the grocery

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Shakshuka in cast iron pan


There are many versions of shakshuka, a popular breakfast dish originating in North Africa and the Middle East. Mine is adapted from Sami Tamimi’s cookbook, but brings in smoked paprika, roasted bell peppers and harissa sauce for more depth of flavor. I like to serve it as a weeknight dinner, with lots of warm crusty

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Ingredients to make homemade pickles - cucumbers, mason jar, salt, with linen dish towel in background on concrete counter

Basic Pickles

If you’ve never pickled at home before, this is a great place to start. Cucumbers, water, and salt are all you need, plus the magic of time. After a few days on the counter, you’ll be rewarded with a probiotic rich snack. Once you get the hang of it, you can experiment with flavorings such

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Tamale Pie

Tamale pie is an American dish made in a casserole and topped with an eggy cornmeal batter that bakes up like cornbread. It’s a darn tasty way to feed your family. Though it shares its name with another of Mexican cuisine, the two are entirely unrelated. I find the easiest way to spread the topping

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