Apricot Mimosa cocktail

Apricot Mimosa

Mimosa’s are fun, festive and require minimal effort, making for excellent party cocktails. But why not deviate from the norm? Since any sort of juice will do, try a sweet apricot nectar. Ask your grocer if you have trouble finding apricot nectar with the other juices. Oftentimes the Hispanic sections of the store will have

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Grilled Ribboned Zucchini

Grilled Ribboned Zucchini

This simple, three-ingredient recipe is perfect as-is, but once you get the hang of the method feel free to add some extra flavorings. Finely chopped herbs or a little garlic mixed into the olive oil before tossing with the zucchini would both be nice. Occasionally, I’ll shower the skewers with grated parmigiano after I plate

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Key Lime Mojito

Fresh squeezed juice is key for optimal flavor, bottled won’t cut it. If key limes aren’t available, you can use regular limes. If you like your drinks sweet, use the full amount of sugar, otherwise, pair back for a nicely balanced cocktail.

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