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Tame Your Summer Locks – Tips for Beating the Frizz & Keeping Your Hair Healthy in the Heat

I used to look forward to a natural, sun kissed look in the warmer months. Highlights from mother nature had to be healthy, right? Probably not. The suns’ rays, scorching heat, and other summer hazards all cause damage to your hair – that damage makes it appear dry and frizzled. Here are the best ways to protect your hair and keep it looking its best during the unrelenting summer season. 

1. Wear a Hat

Do your hair a solid, but also your face and scalp, too. Protecting your head with a wide brimmed hat is the best defense from the sun’s damaging rays.

2. Wash or rinse soon after swimming

This holds true whether you’re in a pool or the ocean. Chemicals in pool water strip the oils from your hair, and salt can wreak havoc, too, leaching moisture from your locks and causing them to become dry and brittle. If there’s a shower nearby, a quick rinse will do you good until you can get home for a thorough shampoo. 

3. But, Don’t Over Wash

If you aren’t swimming, keep your lathering to once every two or three days. Shampooing too often will lead to dryness, as it removes the natural oils from your scalp. 

4. Hair Mask Once a Week

A moisturizing conditioning rinse is a good idea every time you shampoo, but add a once-a-week deep conditioning treatment to your routine. Summertime fun can lead to dryness, and a good quality hair mask will go a long way to replenish what’s been lost.

5. Don’t Over Style with Heat

Now’s the time to embrace the boho look. Let your hair air dry, and skip the curling or straightening iron. Heat from styling tools can cause excess damage and potential breakage, leading to that frizzy look.

6. Keep it Trimmed

A maintenance cut to kick off the season will rid brittle split ends and give you a head start toward luscious locks.

7. Keep it Loose – Relaxed Styles

Pulling your hair back in a tight elastic, or wrapping it tightly in a bun or other style, can cause breakage and damage. Let loose with relaxed styles to avoid stressing your hair shaft.

8. Cold Water Rinse

Turn the knob to cold and give your hair a quick rinse at the end of your shower. The cold water will cause the hair follicles to lay flat, creating a smoother and shinier look.

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