Bed with white sheets and two pillows stacked one upon the other
The Best Way to Clean Your Pillows

Not long ago, my son’s eardrum ruptured while he was asleep. I’ll save you the gory details, but after we got home from the emergency room I stared at his pillow wondering if it needed to be tossed.  Whether you have a specific reason to clean your pillows, or have had them for a long, long time, there is a best way to handle washing these bulky items.

Even with both a pillowcase and a pillowcase liner, bed pillows do get soiled. Thankfully, they are easier to clean than you might imagine. After researching, I tested out the best methods on my son’s pillow… then decided most of the pillows in my house could use a cleanse! (And in case you were wondering, he’s fine and his eardrum healed after a few weeks. Phew!)

A quick guide to pillow cleaning:

Step 1: Check what kind of pillows you have. Synthetic and down pillows can usually be washed in a washing machine. Foam pillows cannot, and are best cleaned by vacuuming.

Step 2: Remove all coverings, pillowcases and liners, and double check the tag to ensure the pillow can indeed be put in the washing machine.

Step 3: Look for stains, and spot clean them with stain remover according to the manufacturer’s directions. 

Step 4: Wash at least two pillows at a time to keep the washing machine balanced. Note that the water needs to be at least 140 F to kill any dust mites, and adding an extra spin cycle is a good idea to get all the moisture out possible. 

Step 5: Use a low heat or gentle setting on your dryer, and be sure to check them every 20 minutes. Using a dryer ball is a great idea if you have one. It will help keep them fluffy.

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I love the balancing technique