Monstera house plant in minimalist modern tan planter
The Many Benefits of Indoor Plants

It’s well known that time spent in nature is good for the body and the mind. Bringing greenery indoors offers significant health benefits, as well. House plants do more than fill an awkward space in a bedroom corner. They can improve mood, clean the air and even provide a sense of accomplishment. Even if you don’t consider yourself blessed with a green thumb, there are many varieties of houseplants that require minimal effort to thrive.

For best success, visit your local nursery and find out which plants will work well for you and your space. Certain indoor plants enjoy lots of sun, and others will wither with too much light. The amount of water and soil requirements will vary, as well – an expert will get you and your plants off to the right start.

Here are a few ways indoor plants can benefit you and your home:

1. They can Lift Your Spirits

Plants have been shown to have a positive impact on mood. Think of how you feel when you walk into your living room and there’s a bright bouquet of fresh flowers on the table. Whether it’s a potted plant or fresh cut flowers, indoor plants can bring joy to your space.

2. Plants Have a Healing Effect

Studies have shown that people recovering from illness or surgery do so more quickly when surrounded by flowers or plants. Being reminded of a loved ones’ healing thought each time one gazes at their beautiful bouquet has been proven effective – and independently, as reported by the NIH, research has shown that those provided with view of nature from their hospital room have had shorter post-operative hospital stays and required fewer pain relievers.

3. They Aid with Stress

Being around plants has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and can even reduce blood pressure. Many report that surrounding themselves with greenery invokes within them a feeling of calm.

Woman rubbing her temples to reduce stress at her desk surrounded by house plants

4. Plants Improve Air Quality

Humidity – Certain plants can improve humidity. If your indoor air is dry, and especially when heaters are running in the wintertime, try adding potted plants to help condition your space.

Allergies – Certain plants, and specifically those without spores or pollen, can reduce indoor allergens. You may find that your air will have lower levels of dust and mold when greenery is present, since foliage can act as a filter. 

Toxins – There are many items in your home that emit VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. Plants have been shown to absorb these pollutants, making your air quality healthier.

5. They Soften Your Space

A well-placed potted plant can filter sunlight, absorb sound, and soften and add interest to your room.

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